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Tips on Hiring a DJ

DJ Hiring Tips

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Article by Troy Michael featured in the Hawaii Bride & Groom Magazine

Hawaii Wedding DJHiring the right DJ can be a very important & difficult decision

Your DJ will play a critical role in insuring the overall success of your reception & will be a key factor in setting the right atmosphere for your once in a life time event.

A common misconception is that that all DJs do the same thing

DJs have their own specialty, style, music & level of professionalism. When looking for a DJ, start by looking for one that specializes in weddings. A DJ that performs for clubs, radios stations, or proms may not be prepared to handle the formalities of a wedding. A good DJ will offer to meet with you to go over your needs & their experience.

Make sure the DJ you are talking with will be the actual DJ performing at your reception

Many DJ companies book multiple events on the same night & may sub-contract to other companies using DJs with varying levels of skill. Be careful of “bait & switch tactics”. Avoid any last minute surprises by making sure you evaluate the individual DJ & not just the DJ Company.

Experience is essential

Avoid hiring a discount DJ that lacks experience to save money. An experienced wedding DJ will do much more than just play music. Ask the about their experience in weddings, how they insure the success of your reception, & what makes them unique. Get to know their style & approach to make sure it fits what you want for your wedding.


Any skilled wedding DJ should be able to provide you with list of client references. A reference list will tell you how frequent the DJ is performing; the type of event the DJ performs for as well the venues the DJ frequents. Be sure to call & verify the references & ask about the DJ’s style & professionalism. Make sure the references are for the actual DJ you are working with not just for the DJ company.

Professional Affiliations

The most professional of wedding DJs will belong to wedding, catering & entertainment Trade organizations. This displays the DJs willingness to constantly improve, & network with other wedding professionals. Organizations will have strict code of conduct with high standards in work ethics & professionalism.

Always get a contract

The contract should indicate the specific DJ you have chosen along with the agreed performance date, times & fees. Read the contract carefully & understand cancellation policies, payment procedures & all fees.

Hawaii’s most sought after DJs get booked from 6 to 12 months in advance, so start looking early in your planning process. Make sure you are completely confident & comfortable with the DJ that you hire so you can enjoy a fun & stress free celebration.

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